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Project Summary

The overall aim of SidM- Health is to provide a spatial digital solution to streamline planning for future healthcare service provision.

The project framework will cover cyclical stages of planning by bringing together population, housing, healthcare domain knowledge and data under one spatial platform. The project will cover the following stages: A. Predictive analytics of demand at service level such as individual General Practices, by disaggregation of boundary-based population and housing trajectories. B. Dynamic spatial representation of levels of provisions including estates and staffing linked to population growth. C. Spatial analytics of healthcare data linked to NHS Health Check indicators and long-term conditions to provide neighbourhood level evidence base for commissioning of services and support new structures of Primary Care Networks. D. Assessing cost implications on healthcare due to new housing by significantly refining existing HUDU Model (Collaboration with London Healthy Urban Development Unit). This part of the project will provide robust evidence base for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) contributions to be allocated for health infrastructure. The project is well aligned with the scope of The Discovery Project as it intends to complement and scale the population health programme in east London, led by the Clinical Effectiveness Group at Queen Mary, to all health and care sectors. It enables the use of data by third parties (SME) by working closely in collaboration with public sector organisations to support research, development and planning of healthcare services. It involves predictive data analytics and data informatics of patient level/ small area aggregated data to provide data driven evidence base and insight for providers to improve outcomes and optimise resource provision at the neighbourhood and strategic level.

Project population

Initial access requested for City and Hackney CCG. Access to data for all CCGs in North East London will be required in the future after initial trials are made available.

Project cohort

Initial bulk data extract: any patients who were registered at any time within the 3 year period 1/1/2017 - 31/12/2019. Quarterly updates (x8): any patients additional to the above, who register at any point in that quarter (e.g. patients who register in January 2020 will be provided in the 2020 Q1 update).

Project criteria

  • Patient Demographic
  • Health Status and Measurements
  • QoF (v42)

Data state


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