Remote Subscriber Database Testing and Assurance

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The Purpose of this section is to outline the strategy to be used for end user testing and assurance of data published to a remote data distribution service.

Ideally the customer would be able to provide the source system data which would be used for assurance of the data provided in the RSD and confirm that IG is in place.

Roles and Responsibilities

The customer will provide two types of data:

• Statistical data to enable all teams to cross reference data, as it appears in the source system, the DDS and the remote transactional data bases. E.g. six GP practices providing numbers of: - Over 65s, plus a sample of numbers of patients on Diabetic, COPD, Asthma registers.

• Specific patient data from a cross section of practices and patients. Taken as a screen shots of the patient’s medical record summary.


Each team has committed to responding to their testing requirements in a timely way.

The DDS project manager will document this information, to be shared across teams, create Jira boards for communications and share lessons learned via the user forum.