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Discovery Data Service Updates

Release Date Summary Reason Benefit
05 May 2021 A new 'Subscriber dashboard' has been created in the Data Sharing Manager (DSM) to allow remote subscriber database users to view information relating to the data processed into the DDS and out to their remote subscriber database. See more information here Commissioned Change This improvement helps DSM users track data going into the DDS and out to their remote subscriber database.
23 March 2021 The Data Sharing Manager shows the last received date for any organisation in the DDS. This date was taken from the timestamp of the last exchange for that organisation, however that date is not a true reflection of the last date that patient data was received, as admin data can be received when patient data is not. The SQL in the DSM has now been changed to show the last date that patient data was received. Enhancement This improvement helps DSM users track data going into the DDS.
11 March 2021 The TPP Gateway moves completed extracts into an archive folder, once it has a new extract to download, which is usually every 24 hours. The DDS uploader then checks the archive folder for new extracts, where they are uploaded to the DDS for processing. An in-depth investigation was carried out on how this 24-hour period could be reduced, and it was found that the DDS uploader could check for, and upload complete files contained in both the root directory and the archive folder, instead of just the archive folder.

Changes were developed, tested, and deployed to the DDS uploader, so that it can check for and move completed extracts from the root to the archive folder. By not relying on the TPP Gateway to move these files, this has reduced the process timeline by 24 hours.  

Fix/Enhancement Implemented as to improve the time lag of data availability to the DDS and subsequent subscribers. TPP data is now made available to the DDS 24 hours earlier.  

Remote Subscriber Databases (RSD)


Type of change - Commissioned Change

Release date -

Summary - Included in our project to make patient data identifiable for the CEG Compass 2 database, we plan to make the following changes to the Compass 2 schema. During deployment we will rename the existing patient_address_match table to patient_address_match_backup, re-create patient_address_match using the new table definition then repopulate it from scratch.

Current status After changes
Add column uprn_ralf00 (foreign key that references patient_address_ralf)
address_match_id Rename to id (primary key column)
id Rename to patient_address_id (foreign key that references patient_address table)
classification Rename to uprn_property_classification
xcoordinate Rename to uprn_xcoordinate
ycoordinate Rename to uprn_ycoordinate
algorithm Rename to match_rule
epoc Rename to epoch

Benefits - Improve the relevance of the column names for UPRN

Requesting organisation - NEL STP

Who will be affected - All Compass V2 Databases

  • NWL - WSIC
  • NEL - CEG Compass 2

Action required by Remote Subscriber Database user - Amend queries relating to data in the patient_address_match  table