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Project Summary

This project provides a Sextant remote database with bulk diabetes related patient data from NWL GP Practices. The aim of the project is to initiate and complete the publication of GP patient data to the DDS and create a first release diabetes data set and associated subscriber feed in order to increase the reach of diabetes related social prescribing and encourage individual and population level behaviour changes through the use of healthcare marketing techniques.

Project population

All GP practices from North West London

Project cohort

Patients over the age of 17 with Diabetes (using Diabetes QOF code set) and patients with Non-Diabetic hyperglycaemia and gestational diabetes (SNOMED concept IDs: 11687002 and 700449008).

Project criteria

  • Diabetes QOF code set
  • Non-Diabetic hyperglycaemia
  • Gestational diabetes (SNOMED concept IDs: 11687002 and 700449008)
  • Demographics
  • Observations
  • Medications
  • Allergies

Data state

Patient identifiable

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