Generic publisher system data requirements

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The Discovery Data Service accepts data in any supplier format, and with any properties (fields) or terminology. However, the data is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Data submitted to the DDS closely represents the data that is entered into the provider system by the user.
  2. The provider system supports an event based approach to modelling data such as an Encounter or Observation.
  3. The provider system generates indicators of deleted data as well as added data.
  4. Data submitted to the DDS is internally consistent, including any referential integrity.
  5. The meaning of field names and values is self-evident or documented.
  6. Patients, organisations, and health professionals have a reliable internal identifier for tracking the data.
  7. Patients have been assigned NHS numbers within the publisher environment, or will be assigned NHS numbers in the near future after initial transmission.
  8. The data is exported at least once a day.