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The purpose of the Extract & Queries Forum and Issue Logging board is to capture discussion points, hints and tips and to be a single source of information in relation to issues that affect the running of extracts and queries.

Where an issue is specific to a project (it must be entered on the relevant Jira board) if it then becomes apparent that it affects other projects (current or future) it should be linked to this board.

We ask that you raise tickets on the board for ideas, questions that may be answered by other users, hints & tips for other users and to alert the Discovery Data Service team of bugs affecting the overall system.

This document will outline what is required from the forum users and how we will work collaboratively. In order for this process to work, anyone who has an action or question assigned to them on the board needs to respond promptly. If a ticket is raised that could affect other projects, this will be dealt with as a priority.

Issue logging

How to raise a ticket

In order to raise a ticket, you need to log into the Jira board. Once logged in:

1. Click the ‘+’ sign in the left menu

2. Complete the relevant fields in the new ticket screen

3. Save

Note: This will raise a ticket and give it a Hints & Tips status. If this ticket is not for this category, it can be dragged and dropped into the relevant one.

Hints & Tips/Discussion Points

Tickets raised in this category could be pieces of knowledge that would be beneficial for others to know, or it could be a generic question on the data that is not specific to an existing project.

New Issues/Progressing Issues/Resolved Issues

Issues are only to be raised on the board if they are not specific to an existing project. If you are working on a project and come across an issue that could affect more than just your project, a new ticket needs raising on the board and linking to your project specific ticket.

When a new ticket is raised, it will follow the process as laid out below.

EQFIL column headings

Issue tickets are only to be raised with a New Issue status, where it will then be triaged and allocated to the relevant person. Once allocated, the ticket will move to Progressing Issue. Tickets can only be moved to a Resolved Issue status with the approval of the original reporter.

If this issue has already been raised and you want to add more information, this can be done by commenting on the original ticket.

Linking a ticket

Linking a ticket from one Jira board to the other, or within the same Jira board can only be done with a ticket that has already been logged. You can’t do this when first creating a ticket.

To link two or more tickets together you need to:

1. Open the ticket you are wanting to link to/from

2. Click Link issue

3. Select why the issue is being linked (first drop down field)

4. In the search for issues field, start to type in either;

a. Ticket ID, or

b. Ticket name

5. Click the relevant ticket

6. Save

How to link an issue

Action a ticket

When a ticket is assigned, the assignee will receive an email alert from Jira. The ticket needs to be picked up within one working day and the responsibility for actioning and progressing the ticket sits with the assignee until the ticket is complete.

If there is an action for someone other than the current assignee, that person needs tagging into the comments (using the @ symbol before their name) and the ticket also needs assigning to them. Once that action is complete, it needs assigning back to the original assignee.

Once the ticket is resolved, it needs assigning to the reporter who will then change the ticket status if they are satisfied with the outcome.