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Current issues

Registration data status

The daily GPSoC IM1 EMIS extract does not include registration status data, which is key in working out a list of registered patients at an EMIS Web GP practice. The daily extract includes the registration date and registration type (e.g. Regular/GMS) but, without the registration status, it’s not possible to match registered patient counts between EMIS Web and DDS because EMIS Web factors the current registration status into its calculation of registered patients.
Similarly, the regular extract doesn’t include the 'original term' recorded against each record in the CareRecord_Observation file. EMIS Web allows a free-text term to be recorded against any observation, effectively overwriting the term from the clinical code selected. Without this free-text term, a number of observations are apparently meaningless when viewing a patient record.

Note: Under normal circumstances, EMIS provide a monthly custom file that includes registration data status, but current technical issues at EMIS are preventing this. 

Updated: 13 May 2020

Resolved issues

EMIS update - missing EMIS clinical codes

On the 30th October EMIS released an update to their system which provided us with a large extract of missing EMIS clinical codes, effecting circa 1.5 million records across all the EMIS practices in the DDS. This has meant that all the EMIS extracts that have been processed by the DDS, are now being re-processed where the missing codes have been identified, to apply these missing codes to the data. This has in turn had a knock-on effect with our inbound data processing queues and has resulted in a back log of daily deltas in the queues waiting to be processed across multiple practices for TPP, EMIS and Vision. LHS are doing all that they can to process the data through the queues as quickly as possible.

Updated: 13 November 2020