Childhood immunisations and six week check

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Project Summary

The childhood immunisations extract provides the North East London Child Health Information Service (CHIS) Hub with child heath data from Waltham Forest CCG GP systems.

The DDS delivers an extract that contains changes in GP immunisation and six week baby check data as specified in the required datasets.

The daily extract (delta) provides an update on changes made to the defined criteria over the past 24 hours; so that the hub and GP systems are in sync.

The extract includes data from all patients who are aged between 0-19 years old and who are registered at Waltham Forest CCG GP practices.

Project population

Waltham Forest CCG GP practices.

Project cohort

All patients aged 0 - 19, who are registered at GP practices in Waltham Forest.

Project criteria

Data state

Patient identifiable.

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