Barts Pancreas Tissue Bank (BPTB)

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Project Summary

The Barts Pancreas Tissue Bank (BPTB) is a unique and vital resource for researchers to provide a multitude of specimen types from pancreas disease and cancer patients as well as healthy controls. The samples are mainly collected from the Royal London Hospital and curated at Barts Cancer Institute.

The project primarily recruits donors identified within Barts Health NHS Trust, and requires primary and secondary care data of specific data categories for these donors. All registered donors provide signed informed consent to be a part of the tissue bank, and their personal medical history is collected along with the donated tissue samples.

The extensive primary and secondary care data provided by the DDS BPTB query helps to build a world-class repository of bio-specimens with most comprehensive clinical annotation. It also allows researchers to design innovative studies and build new insights on pancreatic cancer utilising the verified so-far-complete healthcare trajectory data associated with the BPTB samples.

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Project population

All donors registered at Barts Pancreas Tissue Bank.

Project cohort

All donors.

Project criteria

Full GP dataset to include:

Data state

Patient identifiable.

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