UPRN address matching API

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The address matching public facing REST API is part of the UPRN address matching service and supports 5 main use cases:

  1. Ascertaining the post code of an address
  2. Ascertaining an authoritative (or standard) version of a user entered address, also showing the variations between the standard address and the submitted 'candidate' address
  3. Obtaining a UPRN from a submitted 'candidate' address
  4. Obtaining geolocation characteristics from a property location

The API is a simple getUPRN call. The following example shows a response which would be unusual as there is no post code

Candidate : 10 Downing Street, Westminster

 "Address_format": "good",
 "Postcode_quality": "Invalid post code",
 "Matched": true,
 "UPRN": 100023336956,
 "Qualifier": "Equivalent",
 "Classification": "RD04",
 "Algorithm": "NPOST_1",
 "ABPAddress": {
	 "Number": 10,
	 "Street": "Downing Street",
	 "Town": "London",
	 "Postcode": "SW1A 2AA",
 "Match_pattern": {
	 "Postcode": "dropped to match",
	 "Street": "equivalent",
	 "Number": "equivalent",
	 "Building": "equivalent",
	 "Flat": "equivalent"}}

The nature of the responses are described in detail in the section on application functionality. The API returns the same information as the application UI.