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Warnings & flags displays prospective warnings of potential issues when providing care to the selected patient.

Use this section to help you to:

View Warnings & flags

  1. Access Record Viewer.
    Example Warnings & flags screen
  2. If required, in the Record Viewer navigation side menu, click Warnings & flags .
    Warnings & flags displays the following details for the selected patient:
    Patient demographic bar
    The selected patient's demographic details (name, address, gender, usual GP, NHS number organisation, date of birth, and registration status are displayed throughout Record Viewer.
    Click Swap patient to select and view details for a different patient.
    • Warnings & flags
    • Status
    • Effective date
  3. Click to expand specific warnings and display the following details:
    • Status
    • Source of data
    • Onset date
Use a text search to narrow down the displayed items; matching items are displayed as you type the required search term.

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