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The purpose of this article is to assist users of the DDS Remote Subscriber Database in testing understanding and maximising the benefits of the system.

It includes testing guidance, hints and tips from developers who have experience with the system, and guidance on how to use tools share knowledge and record issues.

End User Acceptance Testing

Follow this link to go to the article that outlines the strategy to be used for end user testing and assurance of data published to a remote data distribution service.  

Remote Subscriber Database User Forum

All organisations accessing DDS on remote subscriber database are invited to a user forum to share knowledge and learning from their experience using the product.

Follow this link to access our Extract & Queries Forum.

Follow this link for our user guide to our Extract & Queries Forum.

Data Mapping

The links below take you to our schemas which list the contents and references for each table in the Compass databases.

Current Schema

Compass 2.3 Schema

Retired Schema

Compass 1 Schema

Compass 2 Schema

Compass 2.1 Schema

Compass 2.2 Schema

This is an example of a schema table.

Schema table example

Remote Discovery Database SQL Guides

The articles below were written by our developers, who are experts with the DDS, to introduce you to how they create cohorts, build datasets and call store procedures.

Compass 1 SQL Guide

Compass 2 SQL Guide