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All activity in Data Sharing Manager is audited. Use Audit to view details of the edits, adds, and deletes of all item types.

Use this section to help you to:

View Audit

  1. Access Data Sharing Manager.
  2. If required, in the Navigation side menu, click Audit.
    Click the in the header to order the audit items and use the page navigations to show more rows per page or to easily access another page.

View audit details

  1. View Audit.
    The latest audit items are displayed in chronological order.
  2. If required, in the filter options select the following:
    • Organisation
    • User
    • Date from
    • Date to
  3. Click to filter using the selected filter options.
  4. Click to remove all filters.
  5. Click to refresh the filter results.
  6. To view more details, click the required audit item.
    The Audit details screen is displayed showing details of the change including a high level description of the change, such as 'Data processing agreement edited' and details of any documents added.
    Each audit item has a unique Id.

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